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Coupler HIPAA WorryFree Pack is a complete EDI solution. It includes in addition to eLife Coupler Enterprise Suite, complete sets of all Nine 04010A1 and 005010 TR3s schemas. eLife provides healthcare organizations with a turn-key solution to modernize or enhance their existing EDI technology. Building on its existing support for EDI, XML, X12 and flat file data standards, the eLife Coupler WFP offers bi-directional conversion for the latest HIPAA EDI dialects including 004010A1and 005010 messages. 
Worry-Free EDI™ HIPAA Pack ®

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TMWS 204, 210, 214 Flat File to X12 Translation.

Coupler Online Documentation.

How is Coupler different?

  • User Friendly. 100% visual interface to design business process workflows and to create mappings ( Drag Drop )
  • workflow capability. Create workflows of your business processes in a drag and drop visual interface. This allows you to automate your data processes through schedulers or process triggers.
  • No code. 100% code free. (no developer time is required or coding) unlike Microsoft Biztalk Server and Altova Mapforce.
  • Powerful Mapper. Includes a very powerful mapping tool with powerful built-in functions that can handle very sophisticated and complex data manipulations (Code-Free).
    Coupler Mapper supports X12, EDIFACT, EANCOM, hierarical flat files, Excel and XML conversions back and forth.
  • Immediate results. Instant output from your processes
  • Fast Deployment & Testing. Time to deploy your solution is incredibly short: special functions are included to enhance testing speed
  • Uses Open Standards. 100% XML based technology
  • Affordable price. It is well suited for  SMB's who have challenging integration requirements but cannot afford the time and expense associated with implementing complex integration solutions typically employed by larger enterprises.
Snapshot: Coupler Process Designer
  EDI for small to medium Businesses using eLife Coupler Enterprise

Snapshot: Coupler Mapper