XML Mapping | EDI solutions platform

A package that includes the basic components of Coupler to create a business workflow, an ebXML Adapter, and a Coupler Tracker to track your inbound/outbound documents. With Coupler AS2 Outlook you can connect to an unlimited number of trading partners.

eLife Coupler implements the ebXML standard for Message Services. This defines the envelope structure and the semantics of its data elements and attributes. Further information on ebXML can found in the specification: http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ebxml-msg

eLife Coupler allow applications of two organizations to properly process the documents exchanged between them in ebXML. These documents may be purchase orders, invoices, customs declarations or insurance contracts, to name just a few examples. An example for a sector-specific standard ebXML format is papiNetŪ (see www.papiNET.org )

While interoperability requires exact maintenance of ebXML standard requirements between two Message Services, a high degree of flexibility is needed to connect the Message Service to the application software in the back-end of an organization. Here, the Coupler interface simplicity plays an important role in implementing this technology..