How Long Does it Take for Mold to Grow?

Excess water on the floor and surfaces will cause much trouble, such as mold growth. Water pilling resulting from flooding, burst pipes or leaking roofs will contribute to the growth of these molds. Molds will cause a bad appearance of the building and also causing malfunction of electrical appliances.

Molds will ruin wooden furniture, clothing carpeting among other household items. The physical water damage may not be as severe as the damages resulting from mold growth. Mould will start multiplying thus increasing the cost and time taken for restoration.

The condition necessary for mold growth :


Water damage will results in mold growth even when a little amount of water percolates inside without any considerable physical damage. Water intrusion leads to accumulation of moisture on the surface, thus facilitating mold growth.
High humidity levels can also create a suitable condition for mold growth thus when the conditions are met molds start to grow just within a couple of few days

Mold spores and organic materials

Since the wind from the surrounding environment easily carries mold spores, this means that mold will start developing immediately the suitable conditions for mold growth attained.

Organic materials.

Since lots of penetrable organic compounds are present in the walls of a house, paints, paper decorations, insulations among other parts, so that means all that is a need for mold has grown is available.

How to Prevent mold growth

Mold growth can easily be avoided by eliminating any form of moisture, which is the first condition necessary for mold grown. Water damage restoration should be done immediately so that the drying of the walls and floors is done before any decay can start developing.

How quick can mold grow?

For effective prevention of mold spores developing in your home, it is essential to understand how faster does the mold grow.

When all suitable conditions are met, ( optimum temperature and moisture), molds will develop and grow within 23 to 48 hours. Mold spores start spreading to other places within five days, but if temperatures are relatively low, they might take 12 days.

After spreading to a large area, they will be visible with naked eyes in about three weeks. Time taken for mold to be evident may vary from one species to another, temperature and the amount of the moisture available. As time progresses, more and more spores develop thus colonizing a wide range of area.

How fast does mold spread?
Mold spores will spread within several hours to a wide range of area. Once the spores are on an organic substance, they develop rhizomes into the surface of the organic material, which is very porous. Within 24 hours they will have matured, thus producing more spores to spread to other areas.

How to prevent mold growth after water damage?
To prevent mold from massively invading your homestead following water damage, it is necessary to have restoration done immediately so that any form of moisture can be dried up within 48 hours. Proper water extraction and drying are the most critical activities needed immediately after water damage has occurred since it ensures that no moisture is available necessary for mold growth.